Bass Amps

The practice amps for bass use

bass amps for practice Bass AmpsIn addition to practice amps available for electric guitars, there are – fortunately for you bass players out there – quite a few smaller bass amps handy for electric bass practice use.

On the page below, we intend to list the various practice amplifiers which may at any given time be available – and even a few which has been available – for use primarily for  the electric bass.  This may include any type of battery operated amp or small combo primarily designed for practice use on bass.

You will eventually find links from this page to respective review pages as soon as a more in-depth look at the bass amp is available.

Do keep in mind that there are not just individual pages on this site for bass and guitar amps. You will also find a page set up for stuff which can be understood as more than “just” an amp, or units/gadgets which can be used for practicing your instrument, but can’t be called an amp for obvious reasons.

A multi effects pedal which is equipped with a preamplifier and headphone connections would be an example of the latter. Perfect for practice and also well suited for some recording situations.

Since I am definitely not a bass player, we will be happy to add any specific comments or reviews you might have with any of these (or other) bass practice tools and amps. You are always more than welcome to post comments, views or opinions below!

Do you have any questions,  suggestions or recommendations? Feel free to post below or contact us with the things you have on your mind – don’t be shy :-)